Atypical Post-concussion Symptoms In A Young Adult Female Soccer Player - Page #3

Lab Studies:
CBC - WBC 12.1, Hemoglobin 13, Hematocrit 38.5, Platelets 278
CMP: Na: 144, K 2.7, Cl: 107, CO2: 21, BUN 12, Cr: 0.7, Glucose: 158, AST: 23, ALT 15, Tbili: 0.6, Alk Phos: 65.
PT/INR - normal
BHCG - negative
Mono - negative

Other Studies:
CT Head without Contrast: neg for bleed or other intracranial process. No evidence of nasal/sinus disease
CT Neck without Contrast: neg for fracture, potential muscle spasm, pseudosubluxation of C4-C5
CT Abdomen and Pelvis with Contrast: Normal. No acute findings.


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