Atypical, Dissecting Baker's Cyst Secondary To Zumba Class - Page #3

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Radiographs revealed bilateral knee osteoarthritis (OA) and effusions. Repeat ultrasound 2.5 months later revealed a recurrent, enlarging Baker's cyst extending 17 cm caudad dissecting between subcutaneous tissue and the medial gastrocnemius.Case Photo #1,Case Photo #2, Case Photo #3 The cyst contained subcutaneous edema and hemorrhagic debris. Single vessel hyperemia was noted on Doppler, concerning for synovitis or PVNS. Duplex venous Doppler ultrasound ruled out thrombosis. MRI demonstrated chronic, partial ACL tear, lateral meniscal tear, chondromalacia, inflamed medial patellar plica, and atypical, complex Baker's cyst dissecting between medial fascial planes. No evidence of PVNS, infection, or synovial chondromatosis were noted.

No surgical intervention was recommended for Baker's cyst or intraarticular pathology by Orthopedics.

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