Atypical Calcium Hydroxyapatite Deposition Peri-articular To The Proximal Tibio-fibular Joint, Treated With Sonographically-guided Percutaneous Lavage: A Case Report - Page #1

Author: Abimbolu Makinde, MD
Co Author #1: Sean Colio
Co Author #2: Adam Pourcho
Editor: Krystian Bigosinski, MD

Patient Presentation:
45 year old female with 4/10 at rest & 10/10 with movement left sided knee pain for one week after a 3-mile run.

Her pain was localized to the popliteal area and initially “achy”. After use of foam roller, her pain evolved to “burning and stabbing”. The burning radiated to the dorsum of her foot. She was unable to bear weight on the left. She denied trauma.

Physical Exam:
Vitals normal, guarded weight bearing on left leg
Tender at lateral popliteal area proximally and posterior to the fibular head
Full ROM with pain at full flexion
Dorsiflexion of foot 4/5 strength
Positive Tinel’s sign at common peroneal nerve
Paresthesias over dorsum of left foot

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