Arm Numbness - Voleyball - Page #1

Author: Kylee Eagles, DO
Co Author #1: Herb Stevenson, MD
Editor: Thomas Pommering, DO

Patient Presentation:
A 12 year old female presented to the pediatric orthopedics clinic at UMASS for evaluation of scoliosis by referral from the PCP. The child denied any back pain and had no other complaints.

The patient was found to have a thoracic curve on routine screening. An x-ray was ordered and showed an S-shaped thoracic curve and thus she was referred to orthopedics from her PCP for further evaluation. Upon questioning for any neurological symptoms she reports intermittent numbness in her left arm while playing volleyball. It is worse if she is practicing serves. She denies any back pain, weakness or other neurological complaints.

Physical Exam:
Gen: well, with no dysmorphic features.
Spine: She had obvious asymmetry in her upper spine, with her shoulder being elevated approximately 1 inch. She has a tendency to tilt her head towards the right side. In forward flexion, she has a mild prominence on the left side. When standing, her scapulae are symmetric. Her flanks are symmetric. Straight leg raise is negative. She has no deformities in her lower extremities.
Neurologic: Sensation and strength are equal and symmetric.

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