Another Case Of Metatarsalgia? Don't Miss This Diagnosis In Adolescents! - Page #1

Author: Carlton Covey, MD, MEd
Co Author #1: Carlton J. Covey, MD, Maj, USAF, FAAFP
Co Author #2: NA
Co Author #3: NA

Patient Presentation:
13 yo female with foot pain.

A 13 year old female soccer player presents with two months of left foot pain, described as 7/10, sharp and worse with walking barefoot. Her pain is on the ventral surface near the second and third metatarsal heads. She denies trauma, but relates a recent increase in physical activity. She denies any medical history.

Physical Exam:
Inspection of the left foot reveals no pes planus or pes cavus. There is a mild hallux valgus, and minimal swelling on the dorsal surface of the third metatarsal head. there is pain with palpation over the second and third metatarsal phalangeal joints. Palpation of the third metatarsal shaft reproduces her presenting pain and is exacerbated with passive dorsiflexion of the third toe. Sensation is normal as are distal pulses.

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