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For Immediate Release Apr 16, 2019

Announcing New Distinction for AMSSM Members — Fellow of AMSSM

LEAWOOD, Kan. — The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine has announced the designation of Fellow of AMSSM (FAMSSM) in during the 2019 AMSSM Annual Meeting on April 16 in Houston, TX.

The goal of this fellow designation is to identify sports medicine physicians who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning, the advancement of the profession, service to AMSSM and leadership in their communities.

“This designation has been developed to highlight the efforts of our most active and involved members while providing a pathway to encourage advanced engagement with AMSSM,” said AMSSM President Chad Carlson, MD. “We are pleased to unveil this distinction and encourage all AMSSM members to pursue it.”

The first class of AMSSM Fellows were recognized during the 2019 Annual Meeting and included all AMSSM Past Presidents and living AMSSM Founders. This initial group includes:

Chad Asplund, MD, MPH

Kimberly Harmon, MD

James Puffer, MD

Cindy Chang, MD

Jack Harvey, MD

Margot Putukian, MD

Katherine Dec, MD

John Henderson, MD

E. Lee Rice, DO

John DiFiori, MD

Stan Herring, MD

Doug Shaw, MD

Robert Dimeff, MD

Rob Johnson, MD

Deborah Squire, MD

Jon Divine, MD

Greg Landry, MD

Mitchel Storey, DO

Jonathan Drezner, MD

John Lombardo, MD

Paul Stricker, MD

Randy Eichner, MD

Chris Madden, MD

Jeff Tanji, MD

Karl B. Fields, MD

Doug McKeag, MD

Craig Young, MD

Matt Gammons, MD

James Moriarity, MD


Brian Halpern, MD

Francis O'Connor, MD


Applications will open this fall for AMSSM members with at least 10 consecutive years of active membership to apply for the FAMSSM designation. More details will be provided to members late summer.

Given to sports medicine physicians who meet specific academic, practice and service requirements, this designation can only be used by Fellows in good standing with AMSSM.

Eligible members are expected to engage in AMSSM activities and remain financially current with their membership dues in order to continue to use the designation. Once they have achieved FAMSSM status, those members can display the title after their name and medical degree in any context.

NOTE: For more information, please contact the AMSSM, 4000 W. 114th St., Suite 100, Leawood, KS 66211, (913) 327-1415.

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