Ankle Sprain With A Twist - Page #1

Author: James Hahn, MD
Co Author #1: Kevin Walter, MD

Patient Presentation:
16 year old previously healthy male presenting with an ankle injury after landing awkwardly on his left foot while playing basketball. He initially had mild lateral ankle pain, swelling and limping. The swelling and limping decreased over the next few days. However, the pain became more noticeable over the anterior aspect of the ankle. When pain did not resolve over the following weeks he was seen for further evaluation.

The remainder of medical histories and ROS were negative.

Physical Exam:
Afebrile, all vital signs within normal limits.
Minimal swelling over the left distal tibia with overlying tenderness. No tenderness over the anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular, or deltoid ligaments. Negative drawer test. Full range of motion present about ankle.
Neurovascularly intact, 5/5 strength, normal gait.

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