An Unusual Hematuria In College Football Player - Page #3

Lab Studies:
CBC: Normal
CMP: Mild Hypokalemia 3.3 and Total Bilirubin mild elevation 1.3
PT: Mild elevation of 15.5, INR 1.2, PTT 30
Macroscopic UA: red-tinged, 3+ blood, 2+ protein, +1 urobilinogen, trace leukocyte esterase, no nitrites, no glucose
Microscopic UA: >150 RBCs, 0 WBCs, few bacteria & epithelial cells
Urine Culture: No growth

Other Studies:
1. CT Abdo/Pelvis without Contrast on day of admission Case Photo #1
-Mild right hydronephrosis with subtle right peripelvic fat stranding
-No ureteral calculus. No spleen, liver, pancreatic, GB, or left kidney abnormality.
2. CT Abdo/Pelvis with Contrast 1 day later
Subtle decreased enhancement at mid pole of right kidney consistent with renal contusion with adjacent soft tissue stranding. Otherwise unremarkable.

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