An Unusual Cause Of Hand Pain In A Crossfit Athlete - Page #1

Author: Benjamin Washburn, MD
Co Author #1: Brian Toedebusch, MD

Patient Presentation:
A 55-year-old right-handed female presented to sports medicine clinic with eight weeks of right hand pain.

The onset of pain was insidious, although she had been exercising more recently. Her average pain was approximately 4/10 in severity but increased to 7/10 when doing push-ups during CrossFit workouts. She had no pain at rest but the pain was interfering with her ability to exercise. She denied prior injury to the right hand or wrist, Past medical history was notable for a 10-year history of Raynaud's syndrome. Social history was negative for smoking. Family history was positive for father with scleroderma.

Physical Exam:
Vital signs and general exam were normal.
Musculoskeletal: Inspection revealed no swelling or deformity of the right hand. There was tenderness to palpation over the hypothenar eminence. There was full active range of motion of the wrist and digits. Manual muscle testing was 5/5 in bilateral upper extremities
Neurologic: Sensation intact to light touch in the right hand.
Skin: Intact without rashes, lesions, or sclerosis.

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