An Unusual Cause Of Anterolateral Knee Symptoms - Page #1

Author: Keri Denay, MD
Co Author #1: Jeffrey A. Housner, MD University of Michigan Department of Orthopedics
Co Author #2: Brian J. Sabb, DO University of Michigan Department of Radiology

Patient Presentation:
Patient "H.C." is a 51 year-old woman who presented complaining of knee pain and popping.

She had been having anterolateral knee pain for months and had been through physical therapy which did help the pain. She was, however, continuing to have symptoms of popping along the anterolateral aspect of the joint space that occured with walking and stair climbing. She stated that "something pops out, and I am able to pop it back in." She wore a brace with intermittent success. She denied any swelling, locking, catching, giving way, instability, or trauma. She did state that she had a history of performing dance for many years which may have contributed to her knee problems, but she had no definite prior injuries.

Physical Exam:
She weighed 167 pounds and was 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall. On examination of the right knee, there was no effusion, erythema, or warmth. She had full active and passive range of motion, however, with active and passive flexion and extension, she had a palpable click and a small nodule near the anterolateral joint space. There was no medial tenderness, ligamentous instability, or abnormal patellar biomechanics.

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