An Unusual Case Of Lateral Hip Pain - Page #1

Author: Kevin Burnham, MD
Co Author #1: Jeffrey Tanji, MD
Co Author #2: Brian Davis, MD

Patient Presentation:
Left lateral hip pain.

A 63 year-old man developed acute onset of sharp, left lateral hip pain while skiing moguls. The pain radiates to the lateral upper leg; he also reports numbness in the anterior thigh. He had a similar problem with his right hip approximately 1 year ago, diagnosed as gluteus medius tendinopathy.

Physical Exam:
Examination revealed full passive range of motion of the left hip and knee, but mild pain was present with hip internal rotation. He was tender to palpation over the greater trochanter. Lower limb strength and sensation were normal except for pain with hip abduction. No Trendelenburg sign was present with ipsilateral single leg stance. Ober’s test was positive for iliotibial band tightness.

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