An Unusual Case Of Chronic Knee Pain In A Mountain Biker - Page #1

Author: Christopher Smith, MD
Co Author #1: Kenton Fibel, MD
Senior Editor: Justin Mark Young, MD
Editor: James Toldi, DO

Patient Presentation:
37 y/o M with no Past Medical History (PMHx) presented with left posterior knee pain and swelling that began 1 year ago after a 14-mile mountain bike ride.

His symptoms primarily occurred after biking or running. Denied mechanical symptoms or instability. Denied prior knee trauma or surgeries. Treatments included Ibuprofen as needed and icing.

Patient had received two knee aspirations and 1 corticosteroid injection at outside clinics prior for presumed popliteal cyst with minimal relief in his symptoms. Last MRI of the left knee was performed 4 months prior to presentation. Case Photo #1 . Patient came to California 20 years ago by way of New York City.

Physical Exam:
Vital signs stable.

No deformity, atrophy or ecchymosis. Positive Mild swelling in the medial popliteal space adjacent to the medial gastrocnemius. Positive Fullness in the posterior fossa. No joint line tenderness. Range of motion 0-125 degrees. Normal strength on knee flexion/extension. Negative meniscal and ligamentous testing.

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