An Illistrative Case Of Conservative Therapy For Common Wrist Injury - Page #1

Author: Wade Rankin, DO
Co Author #1: Ryan Sprouse, MD
Co Author #2: Kelly Evans-Rankin, MD

Patient Presentation:
A 29 year old right hand dominant Caucasion male presented with worsening dorsal wrist pain.

A 29 year old Caucasion male recreational athlete presented for evaluation of worsening dorsal wrist pain that had been present for one month. The pain is located along the dorsum of the hand, near the base of the first and second metacarpals just medial to the extensor pollicis longus tendon. The pain began gradually, was relatively constant, did not radiate and was worse with wrist extension. There was no associated swelling or masses. The patient is right-hand dominant and denies any trauma or injury to this right hand. Other than athletic activity, the patient had a profession that required writing and typing. He has never had any previous injury to his right hand or wrist. He had tried NSAIDS and cryotherapy which helped the pain. He was active in strenght training, basketball, recreational golf and participated in paddling sports. He denied fever, fatigue, rash, or other symptoms. He has no significant past medical history except left knee ACL reconstruction.

Physical Exam:
General: no acute distress
Musculoskeletal: FROM to bilateral wrists, Negative Tinel's test at the wrist, negative Phalen's test, negative Adson's test, negative Watson's test. 2+ bilateral radial pulses with distal sensation intact in bilateral upper extremities.

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