An 11 Year-old Girl With Acute Foot Drop - Page #1

Author: Carrie Miller, MD
Co Author #1: Karie Zach, MD

Patient Presentation:
Acute right foot drop

An 11 year-old girl was referred to the sports medicine clinic for evaluation of a right foot drop for six weeks. She denied any preceding injury. She complained of right foot weakness and numbness on the dorsum of the foot extending up the lateral leg to the knee. She reported difficulty going up stairs and a fall in the past week due to weakness. She reported achy right thigh pain. She was a dancer and a cross-country athlete. She denied any fever/chills or myalgias. She denied significant past medical history, and there is no family history of cancer or autoimmune disease.

Physical Exam:
General: thin-appearing
Musculoskeletal: no atrophy or fasiculations
Strength exam:
RLE- 5/5 knee flexion, 5/5 knee extension, 1/5 ankle dorsiflexion, 1/5 extensor hallucis longus, 5/5 ankle plantar flexion, 3-/5 peroneals
LLE- 5/5 knee flexion, 5/5 knee extension, 5/5 ankle dorsiflexion, 5/5 extensor hallucis longus, 5/5 ankle plantar flexion, 5/5 peroneals
Neurologic: sensation to light touch decreased at the right distal lateral leg, dorm of the foot, and webspace between the great and 2nd toe.
Gait: significant increase in right hip flexion with hip circumduction to clear her foot.

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