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For Immediate Release Sep 28, 2017

AMSSM Traveling Fellowship Preparing for Journey to U.K.

The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) will send leaders in the field of sports medicine to the U.K. this weekend as part of the International Traveling Fellowship Program.

AMSSM Past President and Founder E. Lee Rice, DO will serve as the Senior Traveling Fellow on the two-week trip, which lasts from September 30 through October 14, 2017. He will be joined by Junior Traveling Fellows Kenneth Barnes, MD, MSc and Mederic Hall, MD.

The Traveling Fellowship program offers an opportunity for academic exchange and clinical immersion for sports medicine physicians to teach and learn sports medicine on a global level.

"The AMSSM Traveling Fellowship program has been very beneficial for our sports medicine physicians to understand the challenges in research and clinical care that the world experiences,” said AMSSM President Katherine L. Dec, MD. “The collegial interaction and collaborative exchange of experience can bring improvement to our patient care.”

The Travelling Fellowship program will take in centers of excellence in Sport and Exercise Medicine in the U.K., ending with Drs. Rice, Barnes and Hall presenting at the FSEM (U.K.) and BASEM Annual Conference from October 12-13, 2017, in the historical town of Bath. 

The exchange will also include visits throughout the United Kingdom, including the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH) in London, the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine in Loughborough, St George’s Park, Twickenham, the English and Scottish Institutes of Sport, the Royal Ballet School and the Defence Medical Research Centre in Headley Court.

“We are delighted to welcome our three visiting SEM fellows from the U.S. on this the first reciprocal AMSSM/FSEM travelling fellowship exchange,” said Dr. Paul D. Jackson, the President of the FSEM (UK). “Our visitors will experience various aspects of SEM as it is practiced across the U.K., including two of our National Centres, Headley Court, The National Football Centre and the EIS in Bath as well as the national conference.”

AMSSM’s Traveling Fellows will also have the opportunity to reconnect with Dr. Simon Kemp, who served serving as a Keynote Speaker and as the International Traveling Fellow during the 2017 AMSSM Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA.

“The opportunity for our physicians to travel to the UK and share ideas, experience different facilities and care models in sports medicine expands our global understanding,” Dr. Dec said. “We have benefited from the expertise shared by Dr. Kemp; and, the merits of this Traveling fellowship exceed a learning exchange of information. Our athletes and active patients can benefit from the growth of sports medicine physicians internationally and the comprehensive care they provide for prevention, function, movement and recovery.”

This program was made possible by the generous support the AMSSM Foundation received from DJO Global. AMSSM wishes to thank DJO Global for its educational support of this exchange of ideas and knowledge by world leaders in sports medicine.

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