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For Immediate Release Apr 23, 2012

AMSSM Researcher Addressed Injury Prevention Strategies

ATLANTA, Ga. – Steven Stovitz, MD, MS presented “Injury Rates in Team Sport Events: Tackling Challenges in Assessing Exposure Time” at the 21st American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA on Monday, April 23, 2012.

Proper calculation of injury rates impacts all prevention and intervention strategies in sports medicine. It is difficult to estimate rates for injury on an individual level. The published literature using the NCAA Injury Surveillance System estimates game injury rates based on counting all athletes who played in a game as contributing one full athlete-game exposure. This study recalculated the injury rates via a method of counting only the number of athletes who are on the field/court at any one time (i.e. those at risk) as contributing an athlete game exposure (e.g. 6 for ice hockey). Soccer has been previously documented as the “most dangerous” sport based on NCAA surveillance data; with a re-calculation using only athletes at risk for a game injury, ice hockey was the “most dangerous” sport per athlete-game exposure.

“Recognition of the effects of the different methods used in assessing game-time exposure is necessary to properly assess risk factors for injuries in team sport events, appropriately target injury prevention efforts, and accurately combine studies using different methods in systematic reviews or meta-analyses,” said Dr. Stovitz.

The AMSSM conference features lectures and research addressing the most challenging topics in sports medicine today including prevention of sudden death, cardiovascular issues in athletes, concussion, biologic therapies, and other controversies facing the field of sports medicine.

More than 1,200 sports medicine physicians from across the United States and 12 countries around the world are attending the meeting.

Steven Stovitz, MD, MS is an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and a Team Physician for the Athletic Department.

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