Achilles Tendon Injury In A Division-1 Track Athlete - Page #1

Author: Kyle Levitt
Co Author #1: Dr. Andrew Martin MBA, DO, FAWM, FAOASM
Editor: Amy Leu, DO
Senior Editor: Mandeep Ghuman, MD

Patient Presentation:
A 22 year-old Division-1 Track Athlete presented to the Campbell University Sports Medicine Clinic with acute left ankle pain for 5 days after sustaining an injury while running an 800m race during practice (9/9/2015).

TC stated he usually only runs (trains) at 400m, and the mechanism of injury is unknown. Symptoms include ankle pain, swelling, instability, stiffness, decreased ROM, and difficulty bearing weight. He described it as moderate-to-severe, sharp, 7/10, pain without radiation. Symptoms are located in left ankle and posterior area of the Achilles tendon. There was no prior history of injury to the left ankle

Physical Exam:
Patient was alert and oriented x3, NAD. Normal neurological exam. MSK exam notable for left ankle pain with walking and tenderness to palpation at Achilles tendon insertion. No gross muscle malformation, swelling, warmth, or ecchymosis noted.

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