Achilles Tendon Injury In A Division-1 Track Athlete - Page #4

Working Diagnosis:
Persistent symptoms with congruent exam and imaging led to diagnosis of partial tear of left Achilles tendon. Discussed regenerative injection treatment and he consented for PRP.

Ultrasound imaging showed fluid and a 5mm void at the distal medial aspect of the left Achilles tendon, indicating a partial tear that was consistent with the physical exam. Treatment options were discussed, including the use of PRP. Given the urgent time line for return to play for the spring track season, the athlete elected for PRP with the hopes of accelerating the healing process and return to play timeline. The patient underwent a total of 2 PRP injections performed with Ultrasound guidance, approximately 1 month apart

Author's Comments:
PRP Therapy utilizes autologous concentrated platelets with growth factors (3-5x greater than normal), which stimulate the healing of damaged tissues.2,3
Animal studies show PRP exerts anti-inflammatory effects on injured tendons through growth factors (HGF, IGF-1) which decreased gene expression of COX-1, COX-2, and mPGES-1, allowing injured tendons to heal more rapidly than the control group.2,3
Studies have shown that PRP Therapy for acute partial ruptures of the Achilles tendon have allowed quicker return to full functionality and competitive sports activity.

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