Abnormal Mri Findings In Benign Exertional Headaches - Page #1

Author: Heidi Forberg, MD
Co Author #1: Michael Henehan, DO

Patient Presentation:
A 24 y.o. M football player presented with intermittent exertional headaches over the past year. He described the pain as sharp and located over the top of his head. The headaches progressively worsened throughout practice, peaking at 8/10. They were significantly improved within 10 minutes of rest, but did not always completely resolve. He also complained of mild pain upon awakening in the morning as well as with maintaining supine and bent positions. He denied any notable head trauma in the past 2 years.

The patient has a history of one prior concussion, but no other relevant past medical and surgical history. His mother has a history of migraine headaches but no other pertinent family history.

Physical Exam:
Neurologic exam normal—CN II-XII grossly intact, PERRL, EOMI, sensation intact to light touch distally, 5/5 strength all 4 extremities, speech fluent, normal gait, no cerebellar ataxia, good balance; Psychiatric exam normal—normal mood and affect, but expressing concern over his headache symptoms.

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