Abdominal Injury -- Soccer - Page #3

Lab Studies:
Gettysburg hospital: WBC 9.4 81%PMN, HB 15.4, HCT 42.7, plt 225. INR 1.1 Cr 1.4, BUN 16, Na 136, K 3.9 Cl 102, CO2 24, glc 114 LFTs wnl, lipase 22, Ca 10.2.

Other Studies:
CT scan abdomen with contrast displayed delayed contrast extravasation with leaking of urine in area of left ureteropelvic junction or proximal ureter. No obstruction, free air or stranding of mesenteric fat.

Transported initially to Gettysburg Hospital, transferred to York Hospital for specialist level of care, then transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital under the Urology service.

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