A Pop At The Anterior Shin During Calf-raises Resulting In A Mobile Mass - Page #1

Author: Shane Davis, MD
Co Author #1: Shane Davis, MD
Co Author #2: Christopher Kroner, MD, MPH
Senior Editor: Joseph Chorley, MD
Editor: Justin Mark Young, MD

Patient Presentation:
A 61 year-old male presented with a bump on his distal anterior right shin.

Six weeks prior to presentation to the clinic, he felt a pop at this location while passively dorsiflexing on a calf-raise machine at the gym. He endorsed minimal pain and denied sensory changes. His history was notable for chronic right ankle dorsiflexion weakness following a football injury more than 30 years prior in which he was kicked in the shin. He never received a formal work-up or treatment at that time. He denied any new change in strength.

Physical Exam:
Physical exam was notable for a soft, minimally tender, mobile mass at the distal right shin on the lateral edge of the tibialis anterior tendon, which moved slightly with active dorsiflexion. Active dorsiflexion was slightly limited and passive range of motion, strength, sensation, gait and alignment were normal.

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