A Gripping Case In Motocross - Page #1

Author: Laura Shaffer, MD, MBS
Co Author #1: Corey Schutt, DO
Co Author #2: Ryan Andrews, PA-C

Patient Presentation:
13 year old male with right wrist injury after experiencing a wash-out of his motocross bike at a driving speed of 10mph. Patient extended his right wrist and fingers upon landing. There was pain and deformity of his right wrist. There were no lacerations or other lesions. He was diagnosed in the emergency department with right displaced distal radius and ulna shaft metaphyseal junction fractures. Closed reduction was performed and patient was splinted. The next day he was placed in a long arm cast. At that time, ROM was limited due to pain. He presented to the office 5 days after injury with improved pain, but he noted numbness to his hypothenar eminence and 4th and 5th fingers.

No significant past medical, family, social, or surgical history.

Physical Exam:
Exam at office: Right upper extremity with minimal swelling. Bony deformity. No open skin lesions or wounds. Tenderness to palpation diffusely about the distal forearm over the fracture site. No erythema or ecchymosis. Forearm compartments soft and compressible. Right 4th and 5th fingers unable to abduct or adduct. Decreased sensation of right hypothenar eminence and 4th and 5th fingers. Decreased grip strength. Capillary refill was brisk in all digits.

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