A Case Study On A Congenital Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome. - Page #1

Author: Krishna Khanal, MD
Co Author #1: Sandhya Basyal, MBBS
Co Author #2: Prabhat Bhattarai, PA
Co Author #3: Catalin Buda, MD

Patient Presentation:
Patient was a 15 yo high school football player who otherwise healthy presented in the sports medicine clinic.

He presented with several weeks of left groin pain. The pain was exacerbated with sprinting and flexion of the hip during sports. He was very active with no history of antecedent hip pain and trauma in the past. He did not notice night symptoms. Patient had family h/o FAI both in his father and elder sister who was avid golfer in her college. His father had to go for the hip resurfacing due to the early hip arthritis.

Physical Exam:
Patient was alert, interactive and oriented. He had 2 plus dorsalis pedis pulsation bilateral in the lower extremities. Painless gentle ankle and knee range of motions bilaterally. Skin was intact throughout. Patient had left hip flexion up to 120 deg. Both the flexion and internal rotation at the hip reproduced pain. No popping sound was appreciated both by the patient and the examiner. Distal neurovascular status was normal. Lower back palpation was within normal limits with normal lumbosacral movements. Both Slump and SLRT tests were negative for the lower back.

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