A 10 Year-old With A Winged Scapula--but Not From What You Might Think - Page #3

Lab Studies:

Other Studies:
3 view (AP, axillary, scapular Y) shoulder x-ray: a bony excrescence off the scapular fossa measuring approximately 23-mm in greatest craniocaudal dimensions and approximately 10-mm in anterior to posterior dimensions consistent with a bony exostosis. Its distal portion does appear to have sharp margins.Case Photo #2,Case Photo #3,Case Photo #4
Also, CT 3D reconstructions showed a broad-based osseous protrusion from the medial inferior right scapula, which has a base measuring 1.4 cm and a slight flaring at the tip. Not any evidence of a sizable adjacent soft tissue mass. No evidence of bony destruction. The adjacent ribs appear to be intact without definite evidence for localized osseous erosive changes. The lesion does project anterior adjacent to one of the posterolateral ribs between the right 5th and 6th ribs. The scapula is otherwise intact and has a normal appearance. No evidence of a fracture. The sagittal and coronal reformatted images do suggest perhaps some chronic remodeling of the chest wall in the region of the osteochondroma where there is a slight indentation in general of the chest wall in this area.Case Photo #5Case Photo #6Case Photo #7

Orthopedic surgery for removal of osteochondroma

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