2022 Ultrasound ITE - Post-Test


AMSSM Library of Sports Ultrasound Pathology


The Sports Ultrasound Committee looks to create an educational resource directed at residents, fellows, and other learners to review both common and unusual pathology within sports ultrasound using case examples. In exploring the library of sports ultrasound pathology, we intend for learners to gain an appreciation for the nuances of ultrasound imaging and increased confidence in recognition of abnormal findings. We look forward to reviewing your submission. Please pay close attention to the following submission guidelines and content description.

Submission Guidelines

  • Cases may be submitted by residents, sports medicine fellows, or attendings via the AMSSM website.
  • If a trainee is preparing the submission, the content should be reviewed with a local attending to verify ultrasound image quality and image interpretation accuracy. Following submission, a secondary review will then be performed.
  • All content must be de-identified prior to submission.
  • High quality images and/or videos should be submitted. Low quality images will not be accepted.

Submission Content

The following content should be included in your submission.

  • Brief clinical vignette: This is meant to be a simple one liner with key patient presentation and physical exam details.
  • US probe used
  • Unlabeled US image(s) and/or video: Submission of multiple static images or video is recommended. Dynamic findings may be better represented by short video clips. If video clips are submitted, please email to Andy Meyer ([email protected]) with a short caption.
  • Labeled US image(s): Labeling of the key structures should be included in a separate image. If submitting multiple images or video content, not all require a labeled correlate; you may select 1-2 static images to label as key references.
  • Image caption(s): For all images, a short caption with simple description of probe orientation should be included.
  • Image interpretation: This is meant to be a brief summary of major findings, approximately 3-5 lines in length. A complete diagnostic report is not necessary.
  • Teaching pearl: Please detail 1-2 teaching pearls from the case. These may describe common pitfalls in scanning techniques of the selected structure(s), key tips for identification of pathology in this body region, or clinical correlation of imaging findings.

Test Time: 60 minutes

Pass Mark: 70%

Member Cost: N/A

Non Member Cost: N/A

Start Date: February 1, 2022 12:00 AM

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