32 Yo Woman With Excruciating Left Lower Extremity Pain - Page #1

Author: Gracia Pierre-Pierre, MD
Co Author #1: Pierre-Pierre, Gracia , MD
Co Author #2: Akamnonu, Chibuikem , MD
Co Author #3: Classie, Justin , MD
Editor: Mandeep Ghuman, MD

Patient Presentation:
Left leg pain for 9 days.

32 year old female with no significant PMH p/w left lower extremity pain from an injury sustained 9 days earlier. Patient reports that she was running, felt a pop in her left knee, her leg gave out laterally and fell down. Ever since that time, patient has had excruciating pain in her left knee, swelling from her thigh to her calf, difficulty to both fully extend and flex the joint and also symptoms of foot drop.

Physical Exam:
Left knee mildly swollen and tender to palpation over both joint lines. Decrease ROM both upon flexion and extension, extreme laxity to varus stress, positive Lachman, positive posterior drawer test , positive dial test at 30 and 90 degree but no laxity to valgus stress and inability to dorsiflex and evert the foot and extend the great toe.

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