The Sports Ultrasound Committee looks to create an educational resource directed at residents, fellows, and other learners to review both common and unusual pathology within sports ultrasound using case examples. In exploring the library of sports ultrasound pathology, we intend for learners to gain an appreciation for the nuances of ultrasound imaging and increased confidence in recognition of abnormal findings.

Submission Guidelines

  • Current sports medicine fellows are particularly encouraged to submit, with faculty guidance.
  • If a trainee is preparing the submission, the content should be reviewed with a local attending to verify ultrasound image quality and image interpretation accuracy.
  • Following submission, a secondary review will be performed by an AMSSM subcommittee. Edits may be suggested or if images are of low quality, the case may be rejected. Thereafter, the accepted content will be posted and available for member review.
  • All content must be de-identified prior to submission.
  • High quality images and/or videos should be submitted. Low quality images will not be accepted.
  • US Pathology Submission Guidelines – a quick reference guide to a successful submission.

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Proximal Patellar Tendinosis and Partial Tearing
15yo male basketball player presenting for bilateral anterior knee pain for 2 years, insidious in onset, worsening over time and provoked by running and jumping. Exam shows tenderness to palpation over the inferior pole of the patellae and proximal patellar tendons bilaterally, with intact extensor mechanisms (no lag).
Distal Intersection Syndrome
70 year-old right hand dominant female presented with dorsal radial wrist pain, distal to the radiocarpal joint. Symptoms started after a distal radius fracture and worsened with wrist extension and thumb movements such as texting.
Dynamic Ulnar Nerve Dislocation
40 yo Male describing shock-like sensation, numbness, pain and weakness in the left forearm with preacher curls. Numbness extends into the medial hand. Further evaluation found symptoms recurred with hyperflexion or hyperextension.
MCL Tear
A 46-year-old female presents with a chief complaint of a medial-sided left knee injury that occurred 5 days prior in Muay Thai training when her opponent struck her knee on the lateral side causing a valgus force to the knee. Exam demonstrates mild swelling and tenderness to palpation at the medial femoral epicondyle and 1-2+ laxity with valgus stress test.
Trigger Finger
73yo right hand dominant female presenting for months of intermittent triggering and locking of the ring finger. Dynamic triggering of the digit is appreciated on exam with active flexion and extension.
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