Resident Scholarship Application

The AMSSM Foundation Resident Scholarship application submission is now closed. The application reviews will be completed by February 15, 2016 and notices will be sent out by February 29, 2016.

AMSSM Resident Presentation

A road map to a Sports Medicine Fellowship

AMSSM Frequently Asked Questions

1) What type of residency should I choose to be eligible for primary care sports medicine fellowships?
An applicant should evaluate their interests and goals for the future when they choose a residency. A person interested in sports medicine can do a residency in family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, emergency medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Remember that your primary care training should be your priority.

2) How do I research individual fellowships?
A listing of fellowships can be found on the AMSSM (, AAFP (, AOASM (, and individual fellowship websites. Attending the AMSSM Annual Meeting and networking with people from the various fellowship programs can give information that is not found on the websites.  This can best be done during the Annual Meeting Fellowship Fair.  You can also go to the ERAS website to find a list of accredited fellowship programs participating in the electronic application system:

3) How do I decide which programs to apply?
You should decide: what area of the country you would like to train in, do you want a community or university setting, which sports do you want included in the fellowship, are you interested in doing research, what credentials does the faculty have, and what benefits does the program offer.

4) Does accreditation matter? How do I find out about accreditation?
It is important to attend an accredited fellowship; otherwise, you will not be qualified to take the certificate of added qualification examination in sports medicine. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) website ( lists programs that are accredited.

5) What are the important dates to remember?
JUNE:  Register for ERAS Application System

JULY 1: ERAS application system open for data entry

JULY 15:  Programs can begin review of ERAS applications.

SEPTEMBER — NOVEMBER:  Application Deadline (varies by program)

SEPTEMBER:  NRMP match opens for registration

DECEMBER:  NRMP rank order list deadline


6) How do I sign up for the match?
Visit the National Resident Matching Program website ( to register for the match. It is a $50 fee to register and enter the rank list.

7) Are all fellowship programs included in the match?
No. There are several programs including the military sites that are not included in the match.

8) Is there an electronic application process like ERAS for residency?
Yes. The AMSSM will begin using ERAS for the application process beginning June of 2013 for the 2014 match class.  See AMSSM website for more details.

9) How do I strengthen my application?
A PDF of the ERAS application, available on the AMSSM website, can be used as a guide during residency to exemplify what program directors expect in qualified candidates.  Experience and interest at an early level, presentations at local/regional/national meetings and attending AMSSM conferences can help set you apart during the process.  Meeting program directors and getting involved at the AMSSM Annual Meeting is also a great way to promote your application and learn more about the individual programs.

10) Should I do an away rotation?
This is always a difficult decision and should not be made without a lot of thought. Generally, it is a good idea to get to know the programs that interest you. It is beneficial to understand the day-to-day activities of the fellowship when making your decision for rank lists. A great way to gain that understanding is through elective rotations.

How to Match in Sports Medicine - Recommended Activities

American Medical Society of Sports Medicine (AMSSM):

  • National primary care sports medicine organization
  • Website:
  • Become a member as a resident
  • Go to Annual Conference during second year (spring) or earlier
  • Sponsored journals: Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, British Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports Health Journal

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):
  • National sports medicine and exercise science organization
  • Website:
  • Become a member as a resident
  • Go to annual conference during second year (spring) or earlier
  • Sponsored journals: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Exercise and Sport Sciences Review, Current Sports Medicine Report, Sports Medicine Bulletin

Away Rotation:
  • At fellowship of interest
  • At fellowship with known faculty within AMSSM (future letter of recommendation)
  • Two-week rotation is enough
  • If doing two-week rotations – do rotations at different fellowships
  • Do rotations during: Spring of 2nd year & Fall of 3rd year
  • See AMSSM website – has contact info and link to web pages for individual programs
  • Each program has different policies regarding outside resident rotations
  • Contact programs early – they fill up fast for outside resident rotators (priority given to internal residents for rotation time) – Consider starting 6 months ahead of time

  • Apply, apply, apply
  • Fellowship directors read the applications & will remember
  • Apply for the award given the spring of your 2nd year
  • You must be an AMSSM member to apply
  • Requires sponsorship by an active AMSSM member
  • Award winner receives a $500 cash award and complimentary attendance at the Annual Meeting
  • See AMSSM website for details of the application process and award

For Application:
  • Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)
  • Work on CV spring of 2nd year
  • Work on Personal Statement spring of 2nd year
  • Letters of Recommendation – seek out Winter/Spring of 2nd yr:
    • Faculty you rotated with
    • Local AMSSM member you shadowed
    • Residency program director/Faculty Advisor
  • Rotations – Away Elective (see above)
  • Shadowing:
    • Local Sports Med/AMSSM doctors
    • AMSSM website (
    • Talk to graduates of program who did SM fellowship
    • Go to AMSSM conference
  • Event Coverage:
    • As much as possible – all events and any of particular interest
    • Keep a strict log of coverage
    • Cover all levels (i.e. High School, College, Olympic programs)
  • Residency Projects:
    • Create handbooks/syllabus/etc.
    • Give lectures
    • Help with curriculum
    • High school coverage
  • Longitudinal sports team coverage:
    • High school or college
    • Demonstrates ability to work with ATC's
    • Demonstrates long-term interest in sports medicine
    • Provides opportunity to give talks, provide education
  • Research:
    • A benefit but not a must – depends on the program you are applying
    • Contact local AMSSM doctor to see of projects are ongoing/available
    • Search AMSSM website
    • Academic writing can include original research but also review articles
    • Development of posters and case presentations for conferences
  • Primary Care:
    • Don't forget this is for Primary Care Sports Medicine and is our foundation in medicine
    • Excellence in primary care is as important to fellowship directors as your experiences in sports medicine
    • Participation in non-sports activities in residency are looked upon favorably and should be included in the application

Timeline of Events

Intern Year:

  • Event Coverage, Event Coverage, Event Coverage
  • High School Coverage
  • Other Volunteer positions – Take part in local conferences, talks, mass participation events, etc.
  • Contact local AMSSM Docs, shadowing opportunities/events/research projects

Second Year:
  • Set up away elective for Spring
  • Event Coverage, Event Coverage, Event Coverage
  • Fall/Winter – AMSSM Resident Scholarship Application
  • Spring – AMSSM Conference
  • Spring – Start on Personal Statement
  • Spring – Start on Letters of Recommendation
  • Spring – Start on CV

Third Year:
  • July 15 – Programs can begin review of ERAS applications
  • Summer/Fall – Away Elective/Rotation (If you finish the application for the program before the time of rotation – potential opportunity to interview during the rotation)
  • Interview – Middle of December
  • Rank List Due – Middle of December
  • Match Day!!!!! – Beginning of January

Medical Students
Online Student Membership Application

PDF Application Student Membership

Medical Student Guide:  Preparing for Residency and a Sports Medicine Fellowship

Resident Membership Application
You may submit your application securely online through the AMSSM website. Click on the Membership link on the left navbar, choose the Resident Membership Application link and complete the required information.

If you have attended an AMSSM Annual Meeting or any other AMSSM sponsored conference, please contact Joan Brown at [email protected] and she will email or fax the forms to you.

Resident Scholarship Informational Letter

The AMSSM Foundation Resident Scholarship application submission is now closed. The application reviews will be completed by February 15, 2016 and notices will be sent out by February 29, 2016.

For more information, email Jody Gold at the AMSSM office or call 913-327-1415.




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