Youth Athlete's Hip Pops Him Out Of Soccer Game - Page #1

Author: Stephanie Tow, MD
Co Author #1: Gregory S. Canty, MD
Senior Editor: Joseph Chorley, MD
Editor: Natalie Stork, MD

Patient Presentation:
An 11 year-old male planted on his right leg and felt a sudden pop in his right hip.

An 11 year-old male planted on his right leg and went to cut during a soccer game when he felt a sudden pop in his right hip. He had immediate pain and he fell to the ground. He was unable to ambulate after his injury and was transported to a local emergency department. In the emergency department, he reported significant pain diffuse through his right hip. He denied numbness, tingling, or weakness distal to his hip.

The patient had no significant past medical history. There was no prior history of hip pain, hip dysplasia, joint laxity, or other orthopedic issues. He is not on any medications.

Physical Exam:
Lying supine, the patient was in distress secondary to pain. His right lower extremity was slightly shorter than his left. His right hip was positioned in slight flexion, adduction, and internal rotation. He guarded his hip and had tenderness with palpation over all aspects of his right hip. He refused active and passive range of motion of his right hip. He had symmetric sensation distal to his right hip, 2+ pedal pulse. He was not able to weight-bear through his right lower extremity due to pain and apprehension. There was no evidence of hyper-mobility of other joints.

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