Traumatic Shoulder Pain In A High School Quarterback - Page #1

Author: Ashlee Barker, MD
Co Author #1: Stephen Dailey, MD
Senior Editor: Christian Fulmer, DO
Editor: Sergio Alvarez, MD

Patient Presentation:
Chief complaint: left shoulder pain

A 15-year-old right-handed, male high school quarterback, with no significant past medical history presents with left shoulder pain. Just after the snap, he was tackled to the ground, landing directing onto his left shoulder. He was complaining of pain over the left clavicle and was assessed by the sideline team physician. He reported transient paresthesias of the left upper extremity, that resolved after several minutes. The patient denies dyspnea, dysphonia, or dysphagia. No significant past surgical, social, or family history. He was initially evaluated on the sideline and was placed in a sling, with concern for anterior sternoclavicular dislocation. He then followed up in the Sports Medicine Clinic.

Physical Exam:
General: Well appearing, Caucasian male, in no acute distress.
Left shoulder: No tenderness to palpation of the acromioclavicular (AC) joint, no obvious deformity of the shoulder, sternoclavicular (SC) joint swelling and tenderness to palpation, limited strength and range of motion of the shoulder secondary to pain at the SC joint, sensation intact to light touch of the left upper extremity, 2+ radial pulse.

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