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AMSSM Research Grants, AMSSM Young Investigators Research Grants and the AMSSM-ACSM Clinical Research Grant are available to AMSSM Members Only.
AMSSM-ACSM Clinical Research Grant

AMSSM-ACSM Clinical Research Grant Award ($20,000/yr - $10,000 from AMSSM, $10,000 from ACSM). Appliations will be accepted in late fall of 2015 for the 2016 grant. The purpose of the AMSSM-ACSM Clinical Research Grant Award is to foster original scientific investigations with a strong clinical focus among physician members of AMSSM and the ACSM. The primary investigator must be a physician and a member of AMSSM and ACSM. The maximum total grant is $20,000, which will be awarded to a single research proposal for the initial maximum time period of a two-year grant cycle.

USBJI Young Investigators AMSSM Grant
Application process:
  1. AMSSM member
  2. Accepted by USBJI Young Investigators Initiative Grant Mentoring Workshop Program (Jan. 15 and July 15 deadlines).
  3. Grant request must be submitted to AMSSM Research Chair before attending conference ( - (no post- attendance grant requests).
  4. Once applicant has been accepted to the program they may apply for the Grant funding. Acceptance generally occurs within 60 days of the application cycle.
Funding request will include:
  1. Documentation from USBJI of program acceptance
  2. A letter for a request for Grant funds
  3. A copy of the USBJI application
    • 2 Letters of reference
    • One or two page document with program title, and outline of a proposed grant application, to include the question, specific aims, and a brief description of research strategy, making sure to note applicant's name
    • CV
  • Funding requests will be reviewed by the Research Committee Chair, Abstract Sub-committee chair and one at large member.
  • Notification of results will occur within 30 days of the Grant application
  • Accepted application will be reimbursed for travel, lodging and meals up to $2500 total for both spring and fall meetings) with submission of receipts within 30 days of the meeting. (Dates change by the year)
AMSSM Foundation Young Investigator Research Grants (Avail. Summer '15)

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AMSSM Foundation Research Grant Application (Avail. Summer '15)

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Grant Sources

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