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For Immediate Release Apr 07, 2014

Study Suggests Physical Therapy (PT) Instructional Video May be as Good as an In-Person PT Visit for Teaching Proper Technique in Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises

NEW ORLEANS, La. – David J. Berkoff, MD, sports medicine physician and associate professor of orthopaedics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, presented, “Corrected Error Video vs PT-Instructed home Exercise Program: Accuracy of Performing Therapeutic Exercises” today at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, La.

The purpose of his research was to determine if a Corrected Error Video (CEV) is as effective as a single visit with a physical therapist to teach subjects to properly perform shoulder rehabilitation exercises. Dr. Berkoff hosted a prospective single-blinded interventional trial analyzing 28 subjects (16 using CEV; 12 in PT—one session with handouts), neither of which had any shoulder complaints and no experience with shoulder PT. Each group had one week to learn four exercises: scapular retraction, standing row, external rotation with a band and internal rotation with a band. Subjects were then videotaped individually as they performed the exercises. Two physical therapists scored the tests using the shoulder exercise evaluation tool (SEAT).

Total SEAT scores showed no difference between the two groups, thereby suggesting that using a CEV is as effective at teaching subjects to perform proper shoulder rehabilitation exercises as an in-person single visit with a physical therapist.

“These results are significant for two reasons,” said Dr. Berkoff, who also serves on the AMSSM Board of Directors. “First, having an additional tool to augment what the patient learns at an initial PT visit may help with exercise accuracy and hopefully therefore improve outcomes. Additionally as access to physical therapy becomes more limited due either to cost or insurance, identifying new tools to better help out patients will be essential.”

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